COLUMN: Waiting for Tea Partiers to burn their social security cards

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By Joan Burke

A big shout out to all my liberal Democrat friends in Anderson County who voted in this last election.
There must be what, at least four or five of us now? Band together, brothers and sisters. Don’t lose hope.
But we have to give it to the Republicans, however. They certainly know how to make themselves look good, and have no apologies for any blunders.
Barack Obama tried too hard to “reach across the aisle,” and nobody wanted to reach back. In fact, since Obama became president, Sen. Mitch McConnell let us know that his first priority is to make him a one-term president.
Now guys, even if you agree with that, don’t you think we Americans deserve other, more pressing needs be met first? Jobs, health care and two wars, for instance, might come before getting Obama out of office, don’t you think?
Is that really a senator’s job, to say no to everything the president puts forward and refuse to work with Democrats just to get rid of him?
But Democrats are to blame, too. Why couldn’t they just have the moxie, like Bush did, to just do whatever they want?
Get it done. Who cares what anyone else thinks.
As for the Tea Party folks, I take issue with them calling themselves a “grassroots movement.” Remember back when Obama got elected? Around that time there were several town hall meetings across the country where Democratic congressmen and others leaning to the left were shouted down by disruptive Tea Party poopers.
Those folks were actually hired by some very wealthy backers, including the Koch brothers who, preferring to stay out of the limelight, have promoted many very right wing, corporate-friendly causes.
They donated heavily and were one of the engineers of the so-called grassroots movement known as the Tea Party.
The Tea Party says it is fed up with being taxed to death. None of the middle-income level people have been affected by any Obama Administration policy. The stimulus money has been paid back. Probably good portions of this group who are claiming to take a big stand against socialism are already on social security.
Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC said he would like to see just one person in this party burn their social security card. We are not a socialist country, but we do have necessary social programs.
Perhaps the voters see Obama as too intellectual, ethereal, too different; a picture painted by Fox News. But then do we have to propel our country into the arms of Sarah Palin, or someone with similar views? I feel like the comedian, Lewis Black. Palin has a reality show on The Learning Channel. Why is Sarah Palin on The Learning Channel? The answer to that lies in your hands, America.
Ahem, pass me the remote, please?

Joan Burke is a guest columnist for The Anderson News. Comment at theandersonnews.com.