COLUMN - We know who will take last shot

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By John Herndon

The question posed to Glen Drury at the Kentucky Prep Classic was sincere, and to someone who had never seen Anderson County play, it was certainly legitimate.

It was about 15 minutes after Anderson lost to top-ranked Elliott County in overtime. The Bearcats sent the game to an extra period when Jacob Russell was unbelievably open for a buzzer-beating 3-pointer.

The exchange between a writer, whose knowledge of Anderson County basketball was probably limited to reading recruiting service news about C.J. Penny, and Anderson coach Glen Drury went something like this.

Writer asks, “Since Penny was double-teamed, was Russell your second option?”

Drury replies, “That play worked just like we drew it up.”

“But Penny was your first option and Elliott took him away, right?”

“No, Russell got free on a screen and the play worked just like we drew it up.”

After several other questions, the writer went back, “But Penny was your first option, wasn’t he?”

I asked Drury about what I witnessed again last week. He broke into a laugh and said, “Finally, I just told him, ‘Yes.’”

My point is not to criticize another writer. His question would be the same one many would ask if they had never seen Anderson County basketball over the past few years.

But the exchange was a perfect example of what your hometown newspaper can provide you.

There is a common statewide perception that Anderson County basketball is C.J. Penny, and folks, he’s awfully good. But those who see the Bearcats know they have many more weapons.

Being around the Bearcats so much, I knew that the play for the final shot would probably be designed for Russell first and Landon Jenkins second. After all, they are the team’s top 3-point shooters and I tried to watch for a screen out of the corner of my eye.

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The Anderson News is proud to be your source for Anderson County news and sports. Unlike the big city dailies or Internet sites that rely on someone to supply the information, we are local.

And, you can rest assured that we will have an idea who will take the last shot.

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