COLUMN: Welcome to the dark side

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By Shannon Brock

Let me introduce you to two people:

The first is a 15-year-old freshman in high school. She’s a cheerleader, and a little boy-crazy. She’s insecure, as most freshmen are, and she tries desperately to keep up with the latest trends, fashions, hairdos and hair-don’ts. She listens to pop music and can tell you anything and everything you could possibly want to know about Top 40 artists.

The second is a 25-year-old young lady, nearly three years out of college. She’s married and spends most nights and weekends glued to ESPN, wearing sweats and screaming at refs on TV when they make a bad call. Her radio dial stays tuned to an A.M. station that carries only sports news, and she has to be reminded that the intro music to Mike and Mike in the Morning was not specifically written to cue Greeny and Golic, but instead is sung by some group called the Black Eyed Peas.

If you haven’t guessed it already, the first person is me about a decade ago, and the second person is me right now.

It’s a stunning revelation when it hits — 10 years is all it takes to turn one person from night into day. Or, if you ask some of my friends, from day into night, metaphorically.

I tell my husband I’ve crossed over to the dark side and he responds with “maniacal laughter” (his words, not mine).

The realization hit Jan. 7 when I saw something online about the People’s Choice award winners. I had no idea the awards show was on the night before. Instead I was watching the GMAC bowl — a virtual no-name bowl, even though it ended up being a good game.

Of course there were signs along the way, like when I was Christmas shopping with my best friend of 22 years. Every time she hit the next button on the iPod playing through her car speakers, I had to ask “Who are we listening to?”

She finally looked at me puzzled, and simply pointed out that I used to be the one with all the music knowledge.

And then there’s the time my Lexington friends came to see my house. They weren’t sure they were at the right place until they saw me watching SportsCenter through the window.

As we grow up and gasp! get older, our interests change. I’m by no means complaining. I obviously like my current interests or else they wouldn’t be my interests.

I used to think I would be the next Jessica Simpson or Avril Lavigne, but now, I’m totally OK with — and probably better off — aiming to be the next Erin Andrews or Michelle Beadle.

P.S.: For those who are curious, the Eager Editors (E-squared, if you will) finished the fantasy football season in third place out of eight teams. Even though E-squared finished one spot out of winning some prize money, my congratulations go out to Asian Invasion for representing the female sports fans and taking home her $60 prize. Kudos to Drug King (don’t worry, he’s in pharmacy school) for coming in second. And my condolences to my husband who finished a mere fifth place.

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