Come out and support skate park fundraiser

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By The Staff

When I decided to join the Lawrenceburg Skate Park committee with my mother in honor of my brother’s memory, I knew I was doing something good for my community and the youth that live here.

However, I did not know where this journey was going to lead me.

I have been amazed at the wonderful people that I have met, the encouragement I have received from friends, family and even people in this community that I did not know before getting involved.

I have seen just how good it can be to live in a small town where people embrace one another, and the importance of the churches in this community and the people who fill them.

I have also learned a negative thing or two about trying to do something different in a small town where change is not often preferred, and have met a few people who have had plenty of bad things to say about skate boarders and this committee’s efforts.

I have learned many lessons while working on this project and I am so grateful to the people who are helping us.

I know Rome wasn’t built in a day, so I suspected that a skate park wasn’t going to be built over night.

I did not know just how tough I was going to have to be to get it done. Anyone who knows me or my mother knows that I am the daughter of one of the strongest women around, so when it became a test of toughness, then it really got personal.

Being only one of two girls out of 13 grandchildren between both sides of my family means you have to be tough. Of the many things I’m learning along this journey is that in order to do something different in a small town, you have to be strong.

On Saturday, I will get some help from some of the strongest in this community and this state, and I can’t say enough how appreciative of that help I will be.

Jeremy Zeller with Eagle Lake Convention Center, (who you may know as the God-loving rock star front man for the Christian rock band Poor Man’s Riches, or by his super fabulous hairstyles) has partnered with Davey McCann, also known as Kentucky’s Strongest Man, to host the Lawrenceburg’s Strongest Man Competition, a benefit for the Lawrenceburg Skate Park.

Zeller, who was once a skater, called me after reading a story in The Anderson News to tell me he liked what we were doing and he wanted to help. He spoke with his people at Eagle Lake and they decided they would be more than happy to host a benefit for the skate park fund. The committee and I were thrilled.

McCann, who I knew from high school, approached me at a mutual friend’s wedding. As we chatted about extreme sports and our perspective interests therein, he let me in on his idea to have a strong man competition to benefit the skate park fund.

Wow! I was pumped!

Davey and his brother Robby McCann have been competing in power lifting, a bonafied extreme sport, for several years now and have brought home some pretty fancy titles. It’s always a real treat to run into these guys on the street. If you just happen to have a nail on you, they can bend it for you and your friends to see.

If you have a deck of cards or a jumbo Lexington phone book handy, they’re more than happy to tear it in half as you stare in awe.

So through the efforts of Jeremy and Davey, Eagle Lake Convention Center will host Lawrenceburg’s Strongest Man Competition this Saturday, Feb. 21 at 6 p.m. Admission is $5 at the door and concessions will be available. Proceeds benefit the Lawrenceburg Skate Park Fund.

The event is a novice competition for beginners interested in power lifting and strong man competitions. There will be several local Anderson Countians competiting for the title (quite some bragging rights, I’d say) but there will be plenty of competitors from out of town as well.

Men will come from as far north as Florence, as far east as Letcher County, south as Corbin, and west as Graves County.

However, the competitor I am looking most forward to seeing is from Tennessee. Her name is Melissa Garrett and she’s the third female in the world to bench press more than 500 pounds in competition. Yes, ladies, there is something for you as well at this event.

There are several different weight divisions and many exciting events including a truck pull, where competitors will actually lift and pull a truck for a specified distance.

If you’ve had enough soft stuff after this past weekend of lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day romance, then I’d say its time to head on out to Eagle Lake Convention Center to regain your strength.

If you are a skater or just someone in the community that wants to see the skate park built, then bring as many people as you can find to this event, and while you’re there, buy a T-shirt. The more tickets and T-shirts we sell, the more money raised for the skate park fund.

Even if you’re not interested in the skate park in the least, come on out anyway — it is sure to be an awesome evening.

The event is family friendly and all in the community are welcomed to come and see for themselves just who will become Lawrenceburg’s Strongest Man.

Kaycie Len Carter lives in Lawrenceburg.