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By Ben Carlson

It was nice meeting you, too. I'm not too much for crowds myself, so I understand. I've seen you and your husband at Kroger a time or two, so that's how I knew who you were. I think your oldest daughter was in some of my son's classes at Turner, too.

Sk8er Mom

Wednesday, Oct 31, 2007 (11:10:21 am EDT)

To catch a predator is usually on NBC sponsored with the host of Chris Hansen. The latest predators from Kentucky will be broadcast I believe sometime in late November. This show is shocking to see how many perverts there are. Including doctors, lawyers, military people even one show had a priest in his 50's you thought he was going to die when he got caught. MSNBC shows are usally reruns it opens your eyes to what our kids are facing, there are alot more of these guys and women than you think in this world. TIME FOR THE GOVERNMENT TO DO SOMETHING.

red foxes

Wednesday, Oct 31, 2007 (10:10:16 am EDT)

any one keeping there eyes and ears and ears on GENERAL CABLE thers about to be an uprising! and well overdue.


Tuesday, Oct 30, 2007 (10:10:38 pm EDT)

sk8er mom,Thank you for introducing yourself to me.I enjoyed meeting you.I knew we would cross paths one day.You seem very nice.I had my hands full with the little ones and I have a bit of social anxiety but it was interesting meeting you.How did you know it was me?

redneck country gal

Tuesday, Oct 30, 2007 (09:10:46 pm EDT)

Gumby: From your 10/25 post, I agree with you about the insurance tax. It should be eliminated. It was unfair anyway. People that work outside the county have to pay occupational taxes in that county and the insurance tax - so for years, we have been double taxed. That is simply wrong. So do away with the insurance tax and implement a 1% occupational tax in Anderson County. That way the people that work in Anderson County (which are not all Anderson County residents) pay it. Why should we allow workers from other counties to come in here and work for free? Bottom line is that for years and years, Anderson County has gotten away without having an occupational tax and you should be lucky for that. But it is 2007, and there is no way that city and county governments can exist without revenue. As far as wasting existing dollars, I don't know much about it. But how is that different than any other government entity? Look at the state, federal, etc. Let them implement only a 1% occupational tax, get rid of the insurance tax, and then let's see what kind of revenue we have. And if it can be proven that the govt leaders are wasting or misusing the funds, either vote them out or if anything illegal, let's charge them with a crime. Just an honest opinion...

T. Soprano

Tuesday, Oct 30, 2007 (09:10:11 pm EDT)

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