Company cut trees despite being told not to

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To the editor:
In September, a man representing Blue Grass Energy stopped at our home. He was checking with homeowners about trees directly under or surrounding power lines.
My husband said he was asking for permission to cut down or trim these trees. He told the man he could trim but not cut the trees along our front driveway.
Those trees, water maples, were planted or put out with the help of my dad, Floyd Stratton. He passed away in 2001, so these trees are or were of great value to me.
My husband signed a card to that effect: trim, don’t cut.
On Oct. 1, I came home from work to find three of the trees along my driveway cut down. I was very upset. Years of watering them during the hot, dry summers, praying they wouldn’t freeze during the cold, hard winters and watching them grow year after year and they were gone in one swipe of a chainsaw.
My husband said they came by before he left to go to the recent truck pull, meaning they came to cut my trees when no one was around.
There are other landowners who were home and stopped them from cutting down their trees.
On Oct. 3, one man in a big truck pulled into our driveway. I went out and told him to get off my property. He looked surprised and asked why. He was very polite, so I showed him what had been done.
He said he didn’t know who did it, or why. Another man arrived and said he didn’t know, either.
That same day a pickup with three men pulled in. They walked out back of our house and I told them to get off my property. Two of them walked back to their pickup, but the third stayed and argued with me and said he was getting ready to call his supervisor.
I told him I didn’t care and to get off my property.
He said I was very rude and I told him he would be rude, too, if someone cut his trees instead of trimming them like they were supposed to.
Finally, he left.
I have called Blue Grass Energy several times, and left my home and cell phone numbers, but have yet to be called back.
I’ve been told through speaking with others that the company cutting trees underbid the work, and they wanted to get it done as quickly as possible and get out.
I guess in the long run I’ll be paying for the destruction of my own trees through higher electric bills.
Jackie L. Curtsinger