Congressman: IRS used as ‘political weapon’

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Barr says he tried to help Kentucky 9/12 while running for seat


Congressman Andy Barr said he has serious concerns about the IRS’s admitted targeting of conservative groups and is demanding to know why it happened.
In town last week to meet and greet residents during lunch at La Isla, Barr said he started trying to get those answers even before he was elected to Congress last fall.
Barr, an attorney, said he wrote letters to the IRS on behalf of Kentucky 9/12 Project, demanding to know why the group was being targeted.
“I never heard back from them,” Barr said. “Now, after the IRS has disclosed this problem, the American people are justifiably outraged, disappointed and saddened about two things.
“One, the IRS admittedly targeted Americans by using the agency as a political weapon. Two, it didn’t disclose what it was doing, even though Congress had been asking questions for years.”
Barr said he wants to know why the IRS did what it did.
“We need to let the facts meet us,” he said. “We have certain facts … we know Lois Lerner [director of the IRS Exempt Organizations division] knew about this and covered it up, and we know the director of the IRS was aware. We even know that Treasury officials knew and did nothing about it.
“What we don’t know is how far up this goes, or why. The American people deserve to get to the bottom of this.”
Barr serves on the Financial Services Committee, which he says is the umbrella over the IRS. He said the treasury secretary was “evasive” during recent hearings.
“I’m troubled by that,” Barr said.
The IRS problems, he said, add fuel to his fire to repeal Obamacare.
“Obamacare requires the IRS to implement and enforce provisions of that law,” he said. “I have no confidence in the IRS to fairly administer Obamacare.”