Cops: Suspect hid girlfriend’s pot in Summer’s Eve box

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By Meaghan Downs

A Lawrenceburg man was on his way to surprise his girlfriend with a gift, but was sidetracked by police confiscating $7,200 worth of pot from his residence.  
Charles Scharbrough, 45, of 1060 Mudlick Road was charged Oct. 15 with cultivating marijuana five plants or more and a failure to wear a seat belt.
Lawrenceburg Police Officer Jeremy Cornish said he performed a routine traffic stop last Thursday afternoon on Scharbrough’s vehicle because of a possible DUI complaint and a failure to wear a seat belt, according to the citation.
As the officer was retrieving an open alcohol container that Scharbrough said he had under the front seat, Cornish said smelled something else coming from a plastic bag in the front seat — marijuana.
Cornish said he found a freshly cut “bud” of marijuana inside a feminine hygiene cleansing product box in Scharbrough’s vehicle. Scharbrough said he was planning on giving the marijuana clipping as a gift for his girlfriend, according to Cornish.
Further investigation and Scharbrough’s written consent to search led Cornish and two other city deputies to search his residence at 1080 Mudlick Road, where six fully budded marijuana plants were growing in pots inside.
Because of Scharbrough’s cooperation with police, Cornish said, officers allowed Scharbrough to turn himself in at the city police station on Sunday morning.
Cornish estimated the street value of the six marijuana plants to be $1,200 per plant, or about $7,200 total.