County code enforcement officer now packing heat

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The Anderson County Fiscal Court last week passed an ordinance that allows its code enforcement officer to carry a firearm.
Doug Ingram, who was hired earlier this year as the county’s combination code enforcement and ABC officer, is certified to carry a firearm through previous employment in Lexington, and will be recertified through the sheriff’s department.
Asked why Ingram needs to be armed, Judge-Executive John Wayne Conway said for protection.
“Just because of some of the situations he’s already been in,” Conway said. “Dogs are the main thing. Not that he’s going to pull and shoot, but if it comes to him or the dog, I guess that’s what he’ll use [his pistol] for.”
Ironically, the fiscal court last year discussed but ultimately declined a proposal to arm the county’s animal control officer, despite several run-ins with dogs.
Conway said the fiscal court at that time was worried about the animal control officer shooting close to homes and feared that a bullet meant for a dog could ricochet and hurt or kill someone.
Voting against the measure were Magistrates Buddy Sims and Kenny Barnett.