County fire department deserves praise

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To the editor:
I didn’t know how to get the word out, but I just wanted to give accolades to the Anderson County Fire Department.
I was attempting to burn a moderate pile of combustibles on Bear Creek Road and thought I had everything under control. I came in to cool off. All of a sudden, the fire was out of control and had burned something less than quarter-acre.
I called 911 and reported myself a moron. They notified the fire department and the first to arrive was firefighter Shane. He did not hesitate to attempt to quell the fire enough to prevent it from reaching our house.
It wasn’t long until many firefighters had arrived. Chief Barnes impressed me with his quick analysis of the scene and his ability to rapidly organize his crew.
In quick order, the fire was under control. They cleaned up with efficiency and began to leave the scene; some to a structure fire in Lawrenceburg.
I thanked Chief Barnes and firefighter Shane for their department’s excellent response. Both noted how they are always looking for good firefighters.
So I leave with this: Please think of your firefighters, near and far. Every moment of every day, somewhere, many of these fine men and women are risking their lives to save others and their property. Please don’t forget about them until you need them.
Greg Walters