Daughter thankful for article on mother

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To the editor:
Thank you for choosing to write the facts of our precious mother’s body being [allegedly] damaged by the staff of Sunset Memorial Gardens.
That body belonged to Katherine Galbraith, a woman who had lived through the Depression, World War II, the death of her child and the suicide of her husband.
She was much loved by her daughters, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, niece and countless others she adopted along the way of her life.
In her 85 years, she taught us to always respect ourselves and others. To treat others as God would, and that loving and caring for another were two of her “rules for life.”
She performed countless acts of kindness.
It gives us a heavy heart that our final act of honoring such a wonderful person ended in physical damage and destruction to her.
Her spirit, her joy and unconditional love for all will live on eternally.
Brenda Galbraith Gardner