Deputies seize, torch pot valued at $200,000

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Video: watch it burn


The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office held its own version of High Mass on Sunday when the sheriff and his deputies torched an estimated $200,000 worth of marijuana plants they seized from the Ninevah area.
No arrests had been made as of Tuesday morning, but Detective Bryan Taylor said an investigation into who grew the plants continues.
Taylor said the confiscated marijuana was obviously grown by someone with experience.
“The unknown cultivator of this illicit grow was well-versed in the intricacies needed to harvest plants grown to their peak potential,” Taylor said.
“For example, these plants were ‘sexed’ and placed in a location to maximize the summer and fall solstice growing periods.”
Taylor and fellow deputies uprooted what he said were 97 “mature” plants Sunday after begin tipped off by a concerned citizen on Friday. Taylor said he is not releasing the location the plants were found at this time.
The plants, which were teeming with large buds — the part of the plant used to get high — and were at least 6 feet tall.
Once uprooted, they were loaded into a sheriff’s pickup and bulged 5 to 6 feet over the truck’s sides.
It was transported to the Anderson County highway garage, where deputies unloaded it, doused it with diesel fuel and spent the next couple of hours burning it.
Sheriff Troy Young called it a “significant” find and said he was happy to have so much marijuana removed from the streets of Anderson County.
“As long as people keep trying to grow it, we’re going to keep finding it and destroying it,” Young said.