Do you know what a staycation is?

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By Caitlin Hobbs

With the title above did you think to yourself, “Hey, I don’t know what a ‘staycation’ is?” If you don’t, then I will tell you. Hi! My name is Caitlin Hobbs and I am a seventh grader at Anderson County Middle School. A staycation is a vacation in your hometown or state. This means you could go on vacation and not have to fly or drive far away. Have you ever looked for historical sites or museums to visit? Well I have, and you should too!
The staycation I went to was in Bowling Green, Kentucky. It was at the National Corvette Museum. This is a great place to go, even if you don’t like cars (like me!). But I ended up loving the trip.
At the museum I learned about Corvettes like how and when they were made. If you are a teacher, it could be an educational trip as well. I got to see many different cars they made and sell.
One reason why I loved that staycation is I had a wonderful time with my family. I know most families are busy, but you can always take a day off just for family time. You will laugh and have fun times just like me. Your family can learn about the history and kinds of Corvettes.
Another reason to go on a staycation to the Corvette museum is you can also visit other places nearby like Chaney’s Dairy Barn, The Dinner Train, and Underwater Caves. These places are great choices too! I went to Chaney’s a swell as the Lost River Cave. Chaney’s has a great selection of homemade ice cream which is made right outside. The underwater Lost River Cave was an experience as well. You swear life jackets and load on the tour boats to go.
You learn about the cave and its history. On your way walking to the cave you also see other historical sites. I would suggest all these staycations.
Thank you for reading my article. I hope if you visit these awesome places you have fun just like me. If these places don’t sound interesting, you can always look for other places. So if you’re wanting a vacation from those busy days, take a staycation. I promise you won’t regret your choice.
*Note: If a Bowling Green staycation appeals to you, you can find out more at visitbgky.com.