Does Obama have our interests at heart?

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To the editor:
Well, it’s summer and not only does the weather become hot, some topics might qualify as well.
I am currently excited to hear that “we are doing very well,” so says President Obama.  Let’s dissect the words “doing very well” and while we are at it, let’s issue a pass or failing grade to the following that confronts the American people: gas prices, cost of grocery goods, the economy overall, unemployment, importing goods from China vs. exportation of American goods, forgiving debt from other countries while we at home suffer financially, and giving away money to Brazil to drill in the Gulf while banning drilling there for this country. Seems like he really has our interest at heart doesn’t it?
The list goes on and you folks know very well that we are hurting — our president has no empathy for our suffering.  His snobbish attitude while orating from the lectern reading from the teleprompter is a true portrayal of this president.  
He has nothing to offer nor does he have a plan foreign or domestic to solve problems. Our children, at the national level for eighth graders, are below the proficient level of 20 percent with our twelfth graders below standards by 12 percent.  So not only are we defunct in a current plan, our farm system or future leaders are soon to replace us at failure rates.
Why the gloom and doom? Because it is factual, not out of the mouth of babes but straight from the lectern in Washington.
The writing is not only on the wall, it folks is right in front of you — this administration is failing you now, will forever continue to fail and could care less.  Let’s do the math together — fail plus fail equals no way he should be re-elected in 2012.  
Straight talk is the answer and so far all of the conversation from 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue has been encircled.  
Kenneth B. Rue