Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk

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By Meaghan Downs

Patience is not my virtue.
I’m guessing it’s not yours, either.
Time is precious, or so our strict schedules and ringing smart phones tell us.
A typical nightmare for me: a never-ending line at the airport terminal with nothing to read.
Honestly, that scares me more than Norman Bates or Freddy Krueger.  
Parking downtown, however, isn’t exactly the Nightmare on Main Street that I’ve heard about.
In order to test my hypothesis, I cruised downtown at different times of day — right at the start of the business day, lunchtime, the sleepy afternoon slump, evening — and attempted to find spaces at both the north and south ends of Main Street.
And I’ve never had trouble finding a place to park.
Maybe I’m just lucky, and downtown’s streets magically open themselves to me and my desire to parallel park my Ford Explorer.  
However, since I’m pretty sure parking spaces are not conscious, supernatural beings, I’ll come up with an alternative answer.
My theory: the myth of Lawrenceburg’s lack of downtown parking is the result of complacency.
Now, I understand those with health issues or complaints that cannot walk long distances.
As for the able-bodied residents of this county, perhaps we’re giving Lexington a run for its money as the most sedentary city if we can’t find the time or strength to walk a couple extra blocks to get to our downtown destinations.
Parking isn’t the problem with downtown, and there’s no logic to using that excuse as a scapegoat in the downtown discussion.
There’s no need to waste energy and curse words circling the block, searching for that perfect space within easy walking distance.
The easy walking distance is right there.
Walkability may not be the official term for what I’m talking about, or even a real word, for that matter.
But the walkability of a downtown area is key to the area being used, and used often.
Lawrenceburg has got walkability in spades.
Despite the somewhat depressing empty storefronts, I enjoy walking the Main Street when I get the chance.
Even in the case of major events like the Burgoo Festival, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find parking on a side street, and to walk the rest of the way to the main event.
Should it really matter how far we are away?
If the destination is out of sight, unfortunately, then that kind of logic is usually out of mind.