Downs’ coverage provides help for couple in need

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To the editor:
A big thank you goes to News Editor Meaghan Downs of The Anderson News for her coverage of an unfortunate situation for the elderly couple in our county who were in need of assistance in getting their electricity turned on.
The couple contacted our county’s charity group, Helping Hands--Heart of Community (HHHC), for possible assistance due to word of mouth from one of their neighbors.
We are thankful that word of our group’s charitable work is getting around the county so we can help as many people in need as possible.
Meaghan’s unique way of writing about the couple and the situation allowed the people’s identity to be kept confidential yet get them the help they needed.  Her willingness to reach out to the family and help them helped HHHC get the word out more quickly to our community that “one of our own” families was in need.
HHHC was able to use social media to ask for assistance on behalf of the family, but we are grateful for Meaghan and her work in this community project. As a result her article, we are still receiving donations from people inside and outside Anderson County.
We are grateful to the small Anderson County church whose family stepped up to pay the past due electric bill and reconnection costs for the couple. The church does not want public recognition for this for biblical reasons and we understand and respect its wishes.
Thanks also to the people in our community who responded to Facebook posts and e-mails asking for food, water and monetary donations. HHHC received a very heartfelt telephone call from the couple thanking each of you for your kindness.
Project work is still ongoing to help the couple with the source of the heating and cooling problems in their residence so their monthly bills won’t continue to be excessive. Anyone with knowledge, experience or willingness to help work on those needs at the residence can contact HHHC at donnacdrury@bellsouth.net or 502-859-8080.
Donna Crain Drury
Helping Hands--Heart of Community