Dumping on Wildcat has to stop

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To the editor:
As a resident of Wildcat Road I am sick and tired of being the dumping ground for the county and now apparently for Woodford County as well.
Waste dumping has been happening on our beautiful section of gravel road for decades, but it required 1,500 gallons of raw human waste to bring this issue to the attention of County residents at large. A cleanup of our road every few years is not only inadequate but a poor management of tax funds. We want the dumping to stop, now.
The secluded nature of our road, which could be a wonderful spot for recreation, is constantly spoiled by the refuse. I have taken friends from out-of-town down that section to show them how beautiful it is. Each time  however, I have to make the disclaimer “But the dumping is awful, you won’t believe it.” I have seen everything from tires, televisions, fishing boats, mattresses, bags of household trash to a pit bull terrier that had been shot in the head.
This cannot continue. The damage to our road and to the environment is too great to tolerate. Just because we are out of the sight of the majority of the county – the very reason that we have become a dumping ground – does not mean that we can be ignored.
Laura A Kennedy