Editor Carlson should keep ‘falsehoods’ out of newspaper

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To the editor:
I would like to make some comments concerning an article in the June 5 edition of The Anderson News and Editor Ben Carlson’s column in the June 12 edition titled “Search for .22 round a living nightmare.”
Gene and Kathy Linzy stated that the IRS sent them 88 inappropriate questions and only gave them two weeks to answer them. That is over 4.5 hours per question and to me seems sufficient. If there is any way for you to make those questions public, please do so.
I also found it interesting that their organization is called “9/12,” because 9/11 was the day the terrorists tried to shut down the American government, not 9/12. Since their main goal is to not pay taxes, thus putting an end to government, 9/11 would be a more appropriate title.
Thousands of IRS auditors have been laid off, costing us billions in unpaid taxes.
Concerning the “living nightmare” debacle, I don’t know how long it took you and Steve Shryock (my brother-in-law) to find some .22 rounds for Steve Cornish (a long-time friend) and I’ve never experienced a “living nightmare” or “dead nightmare” for that matter, but it didn’t sound like it took that long to find several hundred rounds. Most of my other gun enthusiast friends make their own bullets at home. They learned how on the internet at the public library. If you ever get in a bullet bind again, give me a call.
You stated in your column that there is a “fetid river of anti-gun hogwash that started flowing out of Washington, DC, earlier this year.”
The NRA headquarters is in Fairfax, Va., not Washington. That is where the hogwash is coming from, terrifying all of the illiterate gun owners into believing that Obama is going to take away everyone’s guns.
Of course race is a large part of it here in Kentucky. The vast majority of Americans only want to keep machine guns out of the hands of insane Americans.
The Department of Homeland Security was probably trying to get the illegal hollow point ammo off the streets and President Obama has expanded gun rights, not taken them away. If not for him, you would have to go to a national park completely unarmed. I am extremely sure neither he, nor anyone else, is trying to take your .22 caliber rifles, or even given it a second thought.
Some other facts that I never see in the paper: The national debt is dropping faster than at any time since right after World War II. Unemployment levels have been dropping steadily and would be very low if not for the hundreds of thousands of federal and state government workers who have lost their jobs due to cutbacks.
The average CEO in America makes as much money in the time it takes him to urinate each day as a minimum wage worker makes in a lifetime.
The gap between the haves and have-nots is wider than every before in history, and now that the Supreme Court has legalized bribery of our lawmakers, it can only get worse.
You, as a newspaper editor and literate person, should know these things and discontinue falsehoods that your readers are getting from faux news and the NRA. Shameful, even if it’s to sell your paper.
R. Keith Phillips