EDITORIAL: Board chooses great location for new ECC

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By The Staff

At a special called meeting last week, the Anderson County Board of Education selected the location at which it will build a new Early Childhood Center — and we couldn’t be happier with its choice.

Actually, either of the locations the board was considering would have made us giddy.

The location the board has chosen is a plot of land between the district’s central office and Emma B. Ward Elementary School. The runner-up in the contest was a plot of land on the Robert B. Turner Elementary School campus.

So, why are we smiling so wide?

Because the board decided to use property it already owns around its other buildings instead of taking up valuable commercial property somewhere else.

Never mind that the board built its central office and Ward on what could be considered prime real estate on U.S. 127. That is done and those buildings have been operating for several years.

So we won’t dwell on the past. We’ll commend the present.

Building a new facility on the same campus as current ones seems to be a no-brainer for the school district.

It costs less because the district already owns the land, and it just makes geographical sense to have some buildings close to each other.

Traffic might become a concern, but that is one of the main reasons the board chose the Ward site instead of the Turner site. Extra traffic on U.S. 62 just wasn’t the best idea.

Last August we opined that the Anderson County Board of Health didn’t need to build a $2 million-plus health department altogether, but especially next to Walmart.

Again, the new building will now take up a prime spot of commercial real estate, which could have provided an increase to the local tax base if another business had decided to move in.

That said, kudos to the board of education for not making the same mistake.

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