EDITORIAL: Cutting earmarks not enough

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By The Staff

Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell joined House Republicans on Monday in joining the chorus that favors banning all earmarks.
He called the measure mostly symbolic, but one designed to ensure voters that he and others in D.C. heard them loud and clear Nov. 2.
He’s right to assert that banning earmarks won’t put a dent in the federal budget deficit, which now runs into umpteen trillions.
If Republicans and Democrats are serious about cutting the deficit, they’ll simply cap spending to what was spent several years ago, and not spend a dime over that amount without super-majority approval in both the House and Senate.
One report we’ve heard indicates that returning to 2007 spending and freezing it there for a decade would dramatically reduce the deficit.
Don’t look for something so born in common sense and easily monitored by the public to happen, though. Instead, what we’ll see for the next year is more half-truths, outright lies and sleazy accounting as both parties look to enhance or expand the power they have in Washington.

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