Education briefs: 3-5-14

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Lawrenceburg student
participates in
Posters-at-the-Capitol event
Andrew Monarch of Lawrenceburg was scheduled to participate in Posters-at-the-Capitol, a showcase of Kentucky undergraduate research, on Feb. 27 at the capitol building rotunda, according to a news release.
Monarch, a political science major at the University of Louisville, presented his research poster titled “Liquor Licensing in the Commonwealth.”  
According to Monarch’s presentation abstract, his research supports the efforts of Gov. Steve Beshear to streamline current liquor laws into something more manageable and fiscally fruitful, as opposed to individual precincts determining “wet/dry” status.  
“In trimming down the perplexity of our states liquor laws we will be more effective in alcohol regulation as well as pave the way for “cleaner” legislation that can allow our state to further capitalize on this enormous resource,” Monarch’s abstract reports. “This will also improve political attitudes towards our state government. With more clearly defined laws we have the opportunity to create more jobs and expand one of our states largest businesses to suffering counties. We can also increase revenue for existing Kentucky businesses and allow the KY Department of Alcohol Beverage Control to more efficiently regulate alcohol distribution and consumption throughout the state.”