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Who do you think is the best candidate for judge-executive?

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Anybody off the street

Based on the mismanagement that has taken place these last 3 years in the county judges office, just grab some random person walking down main street, plop them in the judge’s seat and for the next 4 years it couldn’t be any worse. C.C. Denny maybe a nice family guy that attends church every Sunday but when it was discovered there was no written travel policy…”we just use the buddy system” that was very disturbing. It showed, despite him traveling to those CC conferences 4 times a year, he was clueless on how to operate an office that is funded in part through tax payers’ dollars. Ask any state official with the Dept. of Local Government and they’ll tell you it’s against the law not to have a various written policies including travel.

Conway used the county credit card and petty cash as his personal account. Buying the amounts of food and drinks for personnel is not legal. Despite Conway saying he approved it, his actions where illegal. And the beat goes on….

Anderson County elected officials may have managed a business, been the sales clerk at the local feed & grain store or owned a business that employed 7 people, the fact remains no one had experience at operating an office mostly funded via tax payers’ dollars. So when one gets elected they need to take all the classes Dept. L.G. offers to city and county officials. Have a state official periodically come for a visit to review how things are operating. Do this all the time. Don’t stop these visits and think you know it all after 2 years.

If the state did an in-depth audit on the city and county they’d find numerous misappropriations of funds or lack of paperwork on expenditures. I have zero confidence in any of our elected officials to make me think different.

Richard Cobb 

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I'm not certain that any of the current candidates will be any better (nor any worse) than officials we've had in the past. I just know I'm sick and tired of all the campaigning (negative or not) that goes on during elections. For six months or better (sometimes two year!) we have to put up with the braggarts tooting their own horns about how good and great they are. None of them seem to really care about doing the job they were elected to do. All they want to do is continue on the campaign!

JTJMRB (not verified)

I personally feel that every incumbant should be voted out of office. I went to vote and was disappointed that Mayor Baker was running unopposed. Not that I would have voted for anyone else I probably would have voted for Mrs. Baker anyway but just the apathy that seems to be rampant in our community is disappointing to me.