EMS team was ‘guardian angels’

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To the editor:
Anderson County has one of the best EMS teams in the country and I personally want to thank them from the bottom of my heart.
On Thanksgiving Day, my family and I had a great meal and a wonderful family gathering.
After all of my babies and grand babies had all left, I had to go off and do something.
To mess up the rest of my day, I had a very serious heart attack and I actually thought, “Well, this is all she wrote.” I felt like I was dying and later found out that I really was.
My wife called 911 and explained the situation and it seemed like she heard the ambulance before she much more than got off the phone. As soon as the EMS team saw the seriousness of my situation it immediately went to work. Although they had a wild ride keeping me alive, they managed to succeed and when all was said and done I was in the ICU at Central Baptist in Lexington.
As soon as I could I thanked [doctors there] for saving my life.
They said you are more than welcome, but we’re not the ones who saved your life, it was the EMS team that got you here alive.
They are the ones that saved your life and they did an unbelievable job keeping your heart going as they did. If anyone deserves a great big thank you, it’s them. They were your guardian angels that day, and without them I am afraid you wouldn’t have made it.
So now I would like to say may God bless each and every one of you. These four will always be very special to me and I just wanted the citizens of Anderson County to know how lucky we are to have them: Shawna Page, paramedic; Tyler Perraut, paramedic; Jeff Wright, paramedic; and Jimmy Robinson, EMT.
Oscar ‘Red’ Shingleton