Enforce gun laws we already have before making more

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By Ben Carlson

Column as I see ’em …
It was sadly predictable that before the 20 children murdered last week in Connecticut were even buried, politicians were using their tiny corpses as soap boxes to spew their anti-firearm foolishness.
Lost in their zeal to run roughshod over the Constitution is the obvious answer, which is that until schools are no longer declared gun-free zones, whack-a-dos like the guy in Connecticut will take turns wading into schools filled with children and shooting them like fish in a barrel.
At least some school personnel need to be fully trained to shoot and kill attackers instead of huddling students into a corner and facing that shooter down empty handed.
The teachers murdered in Connecticut did just that, knowing they were going to die and unable to do anything about it. Talk about true heroes.
Unfortunately, arming teachers is the polar opposite to what some politicians actually want, which is to disarm the rest of us. If they have to stand on the corpses of children to get it done, they’re happy to do so.
What the politicians should be doing is actually working to ensure gun laws already on the books are fully enforced.
Want an example? In 2010, James Robert Florence of Lawrenceburg was already a convicted felon when he was stopped by the police. According to court documents he admitted that he had just snorted some oxycodone, had a number of illegal prescription pills in his pocket and, oh yeah, a .32 caliber handgun in his possession.
Of course it took the commonwealth’s attorney’s office a full year to get those charges through the system and, at sentencing, a convicted felon in possession of a firearm while whacked out on dope got five years of probation — and had the firearms charge dismissed.
That’s right, dismissed.
Florence has gone on to many more drug-related escapades, including being busted yet again Friday night for allegedly cooking methamphetamine.
If politicians really want to do something about guns, perhaps they should do what I did Monday and spend an hour going through Florence’s criminal files.
Then they should ask themselves why someone apparently so strung out on high-end dope is free to roam the streets between arrests and at one point had a firearm in his possession.
Once they’ve done that and are committed to enforcing the gun rules already on the books, we can talk about creating more.

Speaking of guns, here’s another rant I can’t help but share.
By Monday there was plenty of talk about renewing the ban on so-called assault weapons.
For those in that camp, do me a favor and e-mail your definition of an assault weapon to me and why they should be banned.
My guess is that aside from the way they look — ooh, assault weapons look so scary! — you’d be more likely able to describe how atoms are successfully split.
Here’s what those who scream about assault weapons don’t know and, if they do, don’t want to admit.
I have a number of guns, including an AR 15 locked away in a closet. While it certainly will do what it’s designed to do, it has nothing on a much more innocuous looking gun I use to hunt deer. The difference, though, is that my deer rifle is much more powerful at much greater distances and could do more damage if used for evil than the AR ever could.
Of course it doesn’t have a tactical look and collapsible stock, so it’s much less menacing in the mind of the ignorant.
As for why I need such a weapon, that’s none of your business.
So before you e-mail me, do yourself a favor and know more about so-called assault weapons than what the halfwits in Congress and on MSNBC have to say.
Or, just continue being ignorant. It’s up to you.