Even America has modern-day slavery

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By Madison Hurst

Although many people think that slavery is a thing of the past, slavery is still with us today in many countries. Even the USA has things going on. Slavery is happening by debt bondage and forced labor. Research shows that an estimate of 27 million people are still enslaved workers in the world. The number of slaves today are higher than any other part of our history.
One example is Guillermo. For Guillermo slavery all started just four years ago. He was told he could have a well-paid job in the U.S. Guillermo was sold to a labor contractor for 1,100 dollars. He would have to work to pay back money he owed to the labor contractor. Every day Guillermo had to work on tomato farms. Guillermo worked a back-breaking job from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.
On payday, he was given a check of $80 but the contractor charged him $40 for his debt, $30 for rent, electricity, food and water. But at the end Guillermo was freed from slavery. Guillermo’s story comes from an article.
There are numerous accounts of stories from people all over the world.
Unfortunately, slavery is not a thing of the past, but instead is a worldwide problem for all of us today.
There are two different types of slavery: debt bondage and forced labor. Stories from victims of slavery such as Guillermo represented some of the millions of others trapped in slavery today.