Ex-city councilman jailed for punching, threatening to kill cop

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Kays cited after making lewd comment to EMT

By Ben Carlson

A 68-year-old Lawrenceburg man is charged with punching and threatening to kill a police officer along with making a lewd statement to an emergency medical technician.
David Alan Kays of 1049 David St. was arrested Aug. 6 on charges that include assaulting a police officer, terroristic threatening, resisting arrest and harassment after Lawrenceburg police entered his home to serve him with a bench warrant for failing to pay a fine.
Kays, a former Lawrenceburg city councilman who ran unsuccessfully for mayor, pleaded not guilty last Thursday in Anderson District Court and is being held in the Shelby County Detention Center on a $5,000 bond. He was denied credit for time served because he is a “danger to the community,” according to court documents.
In his arrest report, officer Nathan Doty of the Lawrenceburg Police Department says when he attempted to serve an arrest warrant around 11 p.m. Aug. 5, Kays was “very belligerent and had been drinking.”
Doty said Kays would not move from the couch and told him he wouldn’t go with him.
“I approached Mr. Kays to help him off the county and Mr. Kays balled his right fist and punched me in the left ear,” Doty wrote in his report.
“Mr. Kays was forcibly placed on the ground with a straight arm bar,” Doty continued, adding that when he got Kays to the police station, “He told me that the next time he has to deal with me he would kill me.”
Because he was allegedly intoxicated, police called for EMS to transport Kays to Frankfort Regional Medical Center before taking him to jail.
While on route, Doty, who was following the ambulance, said he saw the ambulance pull over on US 127.
“Kays was cursing and having communication that served no legitimate purpose with EMS,” Doty reported. “He was using degrading language.”
Doty added that Kays also made a lewd statement to a female EMT.
After being medically cleared at the hospital, Kays was transported to jail. Several hours later, though, hospital personnel apparently contacted the jail, saying that a closer look at X-rays showed that Kays has suffered a broken bone in his shoulder area.
The warrant Doty served stems from Kays’ apparent failure to pay fines from his arrest last December for public intoxication.
Kays, who regularly attended meetings of the Anderson County Fiscal Court, was escorted from a meeting by Sheriff Troy Young and charged.