Fall brings back hunting and fishing memories

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Gun owners need to be informed about candidates

Gotta love Fall in Kentucky. It’s here once again. There is one slightly disturbing aspect of this Fall arriving that has me thinking even more than usual.  

As I get older it sure seems that the seasons, as well as time in general, just fly by. Add the fact that Hunter is a sophomore at the University of Kentucky and Suzanne is a junior at Anderson County High School and it really gets me to thinking, “Where has time gone?”  

It seems like only yesterday Leigh and I were taking Hunter out in our first bass boat and catching his first bluegill. She took bunches of pictures of that little fish and even made me a T-shirt and coffee mug with them on it. The shirt is still hanging in my closet and the mug is sitting right next to my desk as I write this month’s column.  

It’s also hard to believe that it’s been five years this month since Suzanne harvested her first deer at the Lilly Farm. We couldn’t seem to take enough pictures for the hunting album of her with her deer.  

We’ve all heard the old saying, “Time flies when you’re having fun.” Well, I guess that means I’ve had a great time with hopefully more to come. The fall hunting and fishing in Kentucky can present tremendous opportunities to get out and make great memories, especially with the kids. Stop putting it off and get out there.  

Gun rights and the right candidates
Less than two weeks after this column is scheduled to appear in The Anderson News, the citizens of Kentucky will be, or at least should be, headed to the polls to exercise their right to vote for several offices in state government. I don’t want to get overly political while writing an outdoor column so I’ll stick with what actually concerns outdoorsmen in general. Namely being where certain candidates stand on our Second Amendment and gun control.  

I have done some basic research that anyone with a computer and internet access can do and have come up with some “gun friendly” candidates. I am not looking to sway anyone into voting for a particular candidate or endorsing any particular candidate but want to simply divulge basic stances to educate voters.  The National Rifle Association actually endorses some candidates and grades others which I found to be very helpful in my quest to find the right candidate for me to vote for on Nov. 8.  

The race for governor is between incumbent Steve Beshear (D), Senator Davis Williams (R) and perennial candidate Gatewood Galbraith who is running as an Independent. As of this writing, none of these candidates had received an NRA endorsement. Beshear and Williams were both awarded a grade of “A” by the NRA system which indicates the candidate is “solidly pro-gun.” Galbraith was not graded but appears to be pro-gun.

The race for Attorney General is between Jack Conway (D) and Todd P’Pool (R). Conway is one of only two statewide candidates to receive an NRA endorsement and also received a grade of “A.” P’Pool received a grade of “AQ” which the NRA defines as being pro-gun based solely on the candidates response to NRA Candidate Questionnaire and does not have a voting record on the Second Amendment.

The other NRA endorsement to date in Kentucky goes to James Comer (R) who is running for the Commissioner of Agriculture seat. He also received a grade of “A” from the NRA.  Comer is running against Bob Farmer (D) who received an NRA grade of “AQ”.

Bill Johnson (R) and Allison Grimes (D) are candidates for Secretary of State with both receiving NRA grades of “AQ” due to their lack of voting record in regards to Second Amendment issues. Speaking of voting, Johnson favors photo identification as proof of who you are when going to the polls to vote and Grimes opposes the photo identification. Personally, I think you should have to show proof you are actually a United States citizen before getting to vote and providing a simple government issued photo ID is not an inconvenience.     

K.C. Crosbie (R) and Todd Hollenbach (D) are running for Treasurer and each received NRA grades of “AQ”.

The Public Auditor’s race pits John Kemper (R) against Adam Edelen (D). Kemper received an NRA grade of A- and Edelen received an “AQ”.

I realize a lot of elected offices and those running for them never cast an actual vote toward moving a “bill” towards becoming a “law” that may or may not affect gun control. I still feel  more comfortable at least knowing how the candidates I vote for feel toward guns and all things outdoor related.  

Outdoorsmen and women as well as gun owners in general need to be educated before going to the polls to cast your vote. Our right to bear arms depends on it now and maybe even more so in next year’s national elections. Get educated on the issues then get out and vote.

Quick shots
*The opening day of the modern firearms season in Kentucky is Saturday, Nov. 12. Be sure and check your hunting gear well before opening morning to ensure those pants still fit and you have enough ammo before going afield. Good luck and hunt safe!

Take a kid hunting or fishing soon!

See ya outside!