Fast and furious

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Pack 38 Cub Scouts grimace in defeat, exalt in victory at Pinewood Derby races

By Meaghan Downs

For extra speed in the Pinewood Derby, rub graphite pencil shavings on the wheels.
That’s what Pack 38 Cub Scout and first grader Clay Knight, 6, said he used on his winning entry during Lawrenceburg annual Pinewood Derby event held last Saturday.
His brother Troy, 9, recommends using extra weights.
“The heavier it is, the faster it will go,” the Emma B. Ward third grader said. “I put quite a few weights on it.”
Lawrenceburg United Methodist Church was the home base for Pack 38, a Cub Scout pack that was chartered by First Christian Church about 75 years ago, according to Cubmaster Dean Kendrick.
Troy and Clay competed against one another in the final race of the day. Their cars sat side by side on the sidelines, waiting to be placed in the race lanes on the track.
“I like cars, and what I like about them is that each car is individual,” Troy, who asserted that his car was faster than his brother’s entry, said. “None of them are the same.”
Take Troy and Clay’s cars, for example.
Troy painted his car black, his name in flames on the top. He said it took him three days to design his Pinewood Derby entry.
“I think it looked cool,” Troy said when he noticed the yellow flames had dried green overnight.
Clay (who said his favorite color is blue) chose to decorate his “aquarium’’ car with stickers of octopus, fish, sharks and other sea creatures.
Clay said he likes the Pinewood Derby because you get eight tries, and have a chance to win.
“I think it kind of brings together families,” Troy said when asked why he thinks the Derby is important. “My grandma’s here and not many people’s grandmas are here.”
Scouts competed against one another according to rank and even held a race for siblings of scouts and an “outlaw” race for adults.   
The top five winners from Pack 38 will move on to the district Pinewood Derby race to be held March 23 at Camp McKee near Mount Sterling, according to Kendrick.
Winners in each division are as follows:


Tigers (1st Grade)
1. Clay Knight
2. Jeremiah Jordan
3. Bailey Cole

Wolves (2nd Grade)
1. Brayden Norris
2. Ashton Lewitt
3. Kaleb Diaz

Bears (3rd Grade)
1. Troy Knight
2. Caleb Roe
3. Tristan Stevens

Webelos (4th and 5th Graders)
1. Caleb Kendrick
2. Noah Jackson
3. Nathan Eccles

Pack Championship (12 finalists, top 3 finishers from Tigers, Wolves, Bears and Webelos compete in grand final.)  
The top 5 finishers below advance to the Elkhorn District Pinewood Derby at Camp McKee to complete against the fastest cars from other Packs in the Elkhorn district.
1. Brayden Norris
2. Troy Knight
3. Caleb Roe
4. Caleb Kendrick
5. Noah Jackson

Pack Design Champion (best car design award. First place advances to the Elkhorn District Pinewood Derby design competition.
1. Randy Branscom
2. Clay Knight
3. Bryce Foster

Siblings (Scout brothers and sisters)
1. Luke Roe
2. Carson Beeler
3. Madison Norris

Outlaw Category (parents)
Winner Eric Roe



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