Fire damages home in Alton

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By Ben Carlson

An Alton man’s home sustained damage Sunday when an electrical problem caused his home to catch fire.
The home, located at 1688 Grafenburg Road, caught fire while the owner was watching television, according to Anderson County Fire Chief Mike Barnes.
“He was watching TV when a fuse blew,” Barnes said. “He went out to the garage, put in a new fuse and went back inside and turned the TV back on.”
A short time later the fuse blew again, Barnes said.
“When he went back to the garage it was full of smoke so he pulled the electric main and called 911.”
When firefighters arrived the home’s attic was also full of smoke. Firefighters made their way into the home’s attic, Barnes said, and found the fire burning in an eve.
“They had to pull the plaster down in the living room to expose the fire,” Barnes said, adding that the cause was almost certainly electrical.
“It’s probably something that was developing for years and finally overheated,” he said.
Barnes said the home sustained limited damage, including three burned trusses and the portion of the ceiling that had to be torn down.
“The homeowner was very fortunate because we got here quick and the station was right up the road,” Barnes said.