Fire ravages Fox Creek Road home

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Three pets perish in blaze

By Shannon Brock

A Fox Creek Road home was almost completely destroyed in a blaze Monday evening.

Firefighters were dispatched to the scene at 1446 Fox Creek Road next to the Wild Turkey Trace Golf Course around 5:40 p.m. Monday, said Anderson County Fire Chief Mike Barnes.

Firefighters spent a total of five hours putting out the fire, which started when a resident in the house was repairing plumbing.

“He took all the steps necessary to prevent a fire,” Barnes said.

The man had finished one pipe and was working on the second when he noticed an ember go into the insulation, Barnes said.

“By the time he went to get a pan of water, the fire was racing up the wall,” he said.

Barnes described the home as having one and a half stories and said though the fire started downstairs, it spread quickly to the upstairs.

The location of the fire made it both difficult to reach and extremely hot, Barnes said.

“It was one of the hottest fires I’ve worked in a good number of years,” he said. “There was a tremendous amount of heat.”

It took firefighters about 45 minutes to stop the progress of the fire and another 30 to 45 minutes to knock it down, Barnes said.

No one was injured in the fire, but the family did lose three pets to smoke inhalation, he said.

The home sustained a significant amount of damage.

“It’s not a total loss, but it’s not far from it,” Barnes said. “There are some things that can be salvaged, but there was a lot of heat and smoke damage.

“Since the fire was mostly upstairs, the downstairs has a large degree of water damage.”

About 30 firefighters were on scene to battle the blaze, Barnes said.

While fighting the fire on Fox Creek Road, the county fire department was also dispatched to a small grass fire on Hawthorne, near the Mercer County line.

Barnes said since most of the county firefighters were at the scene on Fox Creek Road, the county asked for the city firefighters to cover the Hawthorne fire.

The Fox Creek Road home belonged to Clifton Drury, a local chiropractor.

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