Fiscal court notebook: 11-27-13

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By The Staff

Magistrates OK six new sheriff’s cars
The fiscal court voted unanimously Wednesday morning to allow Sheriff Troy Young to finance six new cruisers for his deputies.
The cruisers will cost just over $30,000 each when fully equipped, marking the first time the sheriff’s office has purchased new vehicles since 2007.
“We’ve got some with over 200,000 miles on them,” said Young. “They have average of 150,000 miles on them and are costing us too much for maintenance.
“We’ve been buying them used and the maintenance has finally caught us.”
The new vehicles are Ford Interceptors, small crossover-styled SUVs with all-wheel drive that Young says will get significantly better gas mileage than the Crown Victoria-styled cars they are replacing. They will also allow deputies to navigate rural roads better during poor weather conditions.
“They are built for rural driving,” Young said. “In the winter we are sometimes forced to park the Crown Vics and double up in my Tahoe or [chief deputy] Joe [Milam’s] truck, and have to rotate cars on a 24-hour basis. That puts a lot of wear and tear on them.”
The vehicles will be purchased on a state price contract at $26,303 each, and will cost an estimated $4,000 each to add necessary police equipment, Young said. The total purchase will cost $184,254.
The vehicles will be financed through the Kentucky Association of Counties (KACo) for six years at an interest rate of 3.25 percent, Young said, adding that they will be paid for out of his budget, not the fiscal court’s, on money already set aside for capital expenses.

Magistrates OK state road paving funds
The fiscal court unanimously approved accepting $293,905 in state rural secondary road funds during last Wednesday’s meeting.
The funds will be used to pave about one mile of Gilbert’s Creek Road, starting at the Mercer County line, along with Tommy Cotton Drive and County Park Road in the county park; Michael Boulevard in Alton and McDonald Road from Highway 395 to Highway 44.