Forced labor affects millions worldwide

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By Haley Abell

Although many people believe slavery is an event of the past, it still exists in many places, including the United States. There are two types of modern day slavery, debt bondage and forced labor. Though it is illegal it still goes on! Twenty-seven million people are enslaved, that is more than ever in recorded history, even more than when it was legal in some states.
One example of modern day slavery is a 10-year-old boy named Abdul. Abdul works for a chocolate company. He is forced to chop down coco beans and break them open with a machete. For all this hard work all Abdul gets in return is food, shelter and the torn clothes on his back. My resource is a video on CNN.
Another example is Guillermo [whose name I can NOT pronounce]. He was tricked into thinking this was a well-paid job, but he was sold to a tomato farm in Florida. Guillermo still thought this was a job. On payday Guillermo was paid $80, but $40 went to his debt, $30 for food, rent, and water. He was only left with $10 for anything else. One day one of Guillermo’s co-slaves tried to escape, but he was caught, beaten, and threatened to death if he tried to escape again. That’s when Guillermo realized he was enslaved. My resource was an article.
There are lots of stories from people across the world who have been enslaved. Sadly slavery still exists everywhere, in the form of debt bondage and forced labor. You can be any age from 10 to 50.
This is a worldwide problem that needs to be fixed. Abdul and Guillermo represent the millions of people enslaved today.