Former middle, high schooler off to Afghanistan

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Family keeps vigil with flag, yellow ribbons


A soldier who went to middle and high school here was among the 3,300 who deployed last Wednesday for Afghanistan, his aunt announced.

Pfc. Christopher R. Price lived with Ken and Lisa Stanton while in middle and high school, before moving in with his mother to finish high school in Delaware, said Lisa Stanton, who traveled to Fort Knox to see him and thousands of other soldiers off to war.
“My whole family is very proud of him,” she said. “I come from a strong military family, and to have Chris join and now be headed off to fight for his country is something we are all proud to see.”
She admitted that the family is concerned, too.
“My husband and both were in Iraq and Saudi Arabia after Operation Desert Storm, so this is a very known, very scary situation because we know what can happen to him.”
Price joined the Army in January of last year, and still has friends in Lawrenceburg, Lisa Stanton said.
“Our church family at New Liberty Christian had a special prayer for him on Dec. 26,” she said. “We ask that everyone keep him in their prayers as well as the other soldiers overseas, serving our country.”
Lisa Stanton said her family is making sure Price is remembered while fighting overseas.
“We have placed an American flag on our garage, and are flying it with pride,” she said. “We are currently putting up yellow ribbons and will keep them up until he comes home in 12 months.”