Former school district bus driver Brothers made into ‘scapegoat’

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To the editor:
Timmy Brothers was a good bus driver and an easy person to get along with on an adult and student level over his 20 years.
He drove my children from 1992 to 1996 until we moved. I feel as though Timmy was targeted unfairly for a lesser rule broken and picked out among many bus drivers who merely got a tap on the hand for leaving children on the bus at the bus garage, children driven around for up to an hour after not being let off where they were suppose to be while parents or grandparents were frantic as to their whereabouts.
I personally have witnessed a female bus driver, along with the bus monitor, turn the bus off while children were on and being told not to be getting off the bus while they checked a yard sale. They laughed and said they had to finish their route and would be back later.
No big deal, right?
How about children left on the bus asleep when they are suppose to do bus check? No harm done, right?
I feel that Timmy was used as scapegoat for all the others’ failure to obey the rules.  
Thank you, Timmy, for a job well done.
Sherry Doss