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Treasurer finds $100 grand when balancing county's books


The county treasurer backfilled at least a portion of Anderson’s financial hole last week, telling magistrates that he uncovered just over $100,000 when he reconciled the county’s books.

Treasurer Dudley Shyrock said it’s not unusual to find money when he closes out the county’s fiscal year each July, but even he was surprised at the amount.

Shyrock told magistrates about his findings during last Tuesday night’s meeting of the Anderson County Fiscal Court.

That any money was found to bolster the county’s sagging bottom line was welcome news to Judge-Executive Steve Cornish.

Last month, Cornish said that a hoped-for surplus of $600,000 the county needed to balance its 2009-10 budget didn’t materialize. He said that amount was about $50,000 short, meaning the county would have to figure out ways to work within its budget minus that amount.

That problem, he said, was made worse by the fact that all of the hoped-for $600,000 was scheduled to be spent this budget year, meaning the county will begin its next budget year flat broke.

Shyrock told magistrates that he found the money in a number of locations. He said about $50,000 was in the county’s EMS fund, and another $54,000 was in the general fund.

“We had some deposits from the VA, Medicare and Medicaid that we hadn’t recorded the interest on, and a few reclassifications from obvious mis-postings,” Shyrock said.

The amount of money available to carry over from last year’s budget to this year’s has been a point of contention for months.

Cornish was peppered several times by magistrates who contended that the county should have upward of $1 million in reserves by year’s end.