Ghoulish glamour

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Kids geared up for costumes, candy

By Shannon Brock

Mallory Walker may not mind if you spin her hat on Saturday evening, but she wouldn’t suggest actually putting your right foot on red.

This Halloween, Mallory will be in costume as Twister, the game.

Her dress will be made up of the red, green, blue and yellow dots and “my hat looks like the spinner board,” she said.

Mallory, a fifth-grader at Emma B. Ward Elementary School, isn’t alone in being all prepared for Halloween. Her classmates have their costumes planned out as well.

Fellow fifth-grader Ross Sadler plans to be a ‘20s gangster for the day.

“My dad is going to let me wear his pinstripe suit, and I’ve already got the hat,” Ross said.

Third-grader Taylor Pierce is dressing up as “pumpkin spice,” complete with orange lipstick, she said.

Chase Gould, also in third grade, is paying homage to Star Wars and dressing as a Clone Trooper.

Third-grader Jordyn Beasley didn’t have to look far to come up with a costume idea. Loving horses as much as she does, Jordyn decided to dress up as a jockey with a bright purple shirt.

Spencer Jessee, a first-grader, is going back in time to the ‘50s and will be sporting a poodle skirt.

Classmate Will Frasier will be Han Solo for the evening.

Fourth-grader Sara Swartz plans to dress like a pilot, and although she won’t be really be flying any planes, her costume will be complete with goggles.

Jordan Blackhurst, also a fourth-grader, might turn a few heads with her blue beehive because she’ll be dressing up as Marge Simpson.

Second-graders at the school will also be in various costumes. Clay Ehr will be Spider-man’s nemesis Venom, while Alli Johnson will show her softer side as a lavender butterfly.

Brice White plans to be a zombie, Jalen Newton will be decked out in his Clone Trooper costume and Nicki Watkins will be rocking out as a rock ‘n’ roll skeleton.

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