Goal of ACLU is to purge faith out of Kentucky life for good

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To the editor:
After World War II John Dewey established himself as one of the foremost American philosophers and educators; it would be difficult to exaggerate his influence. Given that his theories left a lasting mark on every teachers’ certification program in the country, it’s worth noting that Dewey’s aim was to get young students to “surrender familiar and traditionally prized values,” so that their parents’ old-fashioned moral code might be replaced by ethics derived from “the findings of the natural sciences.” In other words, Dewey’s new America would be guided not by religious principles and traditional wisdom but by the doctrines of psychiatrists, sociologists and other supposedly enlightened experts.
He furthermore described “the otherworldliness found in religions whose chief concern is with the salvation of the personal soul” as “objectionable,” because such religions are fit only for “minds that despair of the effort involved in the creation of a better world.” Dewey only respected churches that are centered upon progressive activism and improving this world, here-and-now; he had no patience for those centered upon what he deemed fairy tales about the immortal soul, eternal truth and personal salvation.
As the architect of a revolutionary scheme Dewey saw the problem of education as “nothing less than the problem of the directed reconstruction of economic, political and religious institutions,” i.e., how he and the elites who were to follow him could remake American society according to their convictions.
In attacking Anderson County public schools the ACLU is enforcing Dewey’s program of “directed reconstruction,” and warning local teachers and administrators that they need to stop publicly acknowledging their own community’s values. ACLU lawyers are apostles of liberalism, which has long since become America’s civic religion – and a uniquely dishonest religion it is, insofar as it pretends to be neutral about the big questions.
For government to try to evade the question of whether God exists is just another way of saying God doesn’t matter, just as evading the question of whether fetuses are human beings means that in practice we’re fine with an abortionist doing whatever he likes to them.
Consider this: Even as the ACLU tries to tell the people of Anderson how to run what are supposed to be their schools, here across the county line we are being told how to conduct our own business by “our” government. Right up the road from y’all, the Frankfort Fairness Ordinance – move over, George Orwell – will make any employer or landlord suspected of homophobic business decisions answerable to a special committee of diversicrats.
Right now lawsuits await every Frankfort shop-owner who wouldn’t feel comfortable working with a transexual, every landlord who wouldn’t want to rent to a lesbian couple as they try to adopt children.  
The Tolerance Police won’t rest until we intolerant people are not only driven into hiding but swept from the face of the Earth. In the long term we can anticipate action against churches which refuse to hire gay youth pastors, and pigs in drag will fly before any ACLU freedom-fighter leaps to our defense. See, when a Christian community offers its vision of the world to an atheist student, that’s one step from the Salem witch trials, but when a puppet government crams its warped definition of tolerance down the throat of Christian businessmen … well, of course that’s different. As any liberal will tell you, his liberalism is neither a religion nor an ideology – it’s just the true, right, and moral description of the way things are and should be. Heads he always wins, tails we always lose. What could be fairer than that, comrades?
Inclusiveness as liberals define it is a lie. It is a rhetorical sleight-of-hand whereby our communities and roots are deconstructed to make way for a multicultural Tower of Babel. There is no neutrality.  Either God-fearing Kentuckians occupy the public square, or secular humanists will, and we must remember that secular humanists recognize no higher authority Who might put limits on how far they may go.  
Make no mistake, Superintendent Mitchell: In the long run they will be satisfied neither with pushing the Bible out of the classroom, nor with trivializing it by setting it alongside the Koran, “The Communist Manifesto,” and advertisements from Wal-mart. Their ultimate goal is to purge Kentucky life of the very faith upon which it was built.
Jerry Salyer