God doesn’t care who comes in first

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By Jess Thompson

Nowadays, all you hear and see on television is something related to politics. It’s an important topic indeed.
So many yearn for the top spot of honor in our culture today. The whole idea of being popular and prestigious is appealing to most of us.
However, the Bible tells us a lot about what God wants of us, and how being the most popular or being on top is of little value to God. Ecclesiastes was written by Solomon, who had all of the money, power and possessions a man could want.
His take on high positions of man and being the most popular come alive in scripture titled “Advancement is Meaningless.”
You may need to read and reread the following as it is a tad bit confusing (at least it was to me) until you really dive into exactly what Solomon was getting at.
Ecc 4:13-16: “Better a poor but wise youth than an old but foolish king who no longer knows how to heed a warning.
“The youth may have come from prison to the kingship, or he may have been born in poverty within his kingdom. I saw that all who lived “and walked under the sun followed the youth, the king’s successor.
“There was no end to all the people who were before them. But those who came later were not pleased with the successor. This too is meaningless, a chasing after the wind.”
I think this scripture basically reminds us that seeking God’s approval in our lives is really all that matters. Why is America one of the only countries on earth where Christianity is actually declining?
We glamorize celebrities and almost worship them and the way they live when God’s word tells us the least will be first in his kingdom.
American’s attempt to create heaven here on earth is inherently flawed concerning our eternal salvation.
We try so hard to impress others and be the most liked (especially politicians), yet in the end we will answer to God, whose opinion really is all that counts!

Jess Thompson is a resident of Lawrenceburg. Reach him at jessinlawrenceburg@gmail.com.