The good Samaritan lives

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Richardson finds, returns $3,000 check found in city parking lot

By Ben Carlson

Jamie Richardson is anything but a typical 21-year-old.
Not only is he a happy-go-lucky, somewhat talkative young man, he’s also remarkably honest and demonstrated both traits last Friday morning.
Richardson was hanging out in the city parking lot off Court Street while his buddy cleared up a traffic ticket in court.
He looked down, saw a check and instead of jamming it in his jeans, proceeded to call the phone number on the check to ensure it was returned to its rightful owner.
His actions weren’t lost on the woman who wrote the check, Pamela Waldridge, who had just written the check for $3,000 earlier that day to purchase a car.
“This is a good Samaritan, in my opinion,” Waldridge said. “You wouldn’t find someone like that every day.”
Richardson and Waldridge met up at County Attorney Bobbi Jo Lewis’ office on Main Street as his friend continued clearing his traffic offenses.
Once there, they exchanged pleasantries and got to know each other.
“I was looking down, and there it was,” Richardson said, basking in the glow of pats on the back from the ladies in Lewis’ office. “I like to be looked at as a role model. I guess my mom, dad and mamaw raised me right.”
Tina Sutton in Lewis’ office agreed.
“We need a county of people like him,” she said.