Government keeps ripping off the poor

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To the editor:
This is a poor state with a government that has policies in place to give it excuses to steal from the poor.
I am one person and the following has happened to me.
State taxes: we are being nickel and dimed out of our money. When you pay taxes out of your paycheck you expect to get back all that is owed you, right? But you don’t because there are those zeros in the cents column, including your “owed” line. If any cents are owed you they keep it.  
Multiply that for the entire state.
Unemployment insurance: When you file for your claim check, at the office by paper, before you are approved to receive a check they do not log that in, so that you lose those weeks. When you try to participate in the retraining program you get a letter stating that you will be charged, but if you request details, none are given.
When I filed for an UI extension after losing a job, state taxes were removed without my permission. Contacting the UI people got them claiming
I said yes to state taxes, yet that option was not available. My research found  out that the option is hidden; you can see it if you copy paste to notebook, yet only a yes option is there.
Federal has no and yes.
I lost the interest I could have earned if the money were in my bank account, as I got it all back. The UI and the state taxing people still will not walk in truth and righteousness in this matter, and blame me that the option was hidden.
Now for today’s saga regarding theft from the poor of this state.
I just had two months worth of food stamps stolen from me because personnel in either my office or the main office in Frankfort failed to properly log in my UI income.
Yes, I brought that info to my office.
Paying back what they gave me that I was not qualified for is no problem. But for the past two months that I was qualified for, with no income in February, I have received nothing.
I have lost 5 pounds so far.
The letter I received Feb. 23 states that I have 15 days to pay back $366 in food funds with no more income and nobody wanting to hire this over 50 autistic female.
These are the ways our gluttonous government gets its spending money to keep itself fat.
It won’t get rid of the illegals so people like me can find work, it won’t stop spending money it does not have at our expense, and now it is taking people’s food out of their mouths and making them give back what they do not have in the first place.
So, if we can’t pay it will they use this as an excuse to black list us to save money?
Jane Smith