Graduation, final day of school set for May 27

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Students can breathe a sigh of relief because school won’t be in session after the Memorial Day holiday.
The Anderson County Board of Education approved an amended calendar Monday evening, setting the final day of school in Anderson County for Friday, May 27. Anderson County High School graduation ceremonies will be held the same evening at the Frankfort Civic Center.
The calendar change was authorized after Gov. Steve Beshear signed Kentucky House Bill 427 into law, allowing school districts different options to make up days missed due to inclement weather. The bill waived the 170 days of school requirement while retaining the 1,062 instructional hour requirement.
School was originally set to be dismissed May 19, but the harsh winter weather changed the start of summer fun to Tuesday, May 31, the day after the Memorial Day holiday. Attendance was predicted to be very low if students were asked to come back after the long weekend break for one final day of school.

Personal wireless devices may be brought to school beginning this summer.
A system-wide network upgrade for Anderson County schools was approved by the school board Monday, paving the way for students being able to bring personal wireless devices to school beginning with this summer’s session.
Chief Information Officer Bret Foster outlined the benefits of the upgrade, saying it was “time for a refresh” of technology due to instructional needs, security requirements and infrastructure issues.
“Currently we have limited resource opportunities for students and teachers’ using mobile devices,” Foster said.
“A student that brings a personal device, any device that has wireless access, will be able to log on to the school network. Every personal device used frees up a computer workstation for another student.”
Presently there is a 3.8 to 1 student to computer ratio. Providing a system where a student may log on to the school system’s network for class work will bring the ratio closer to the 1 to 1 ratio goal.
The network upgrade will allow security measures to be implemented to monitor and filter students’ resource use while on the school network.
The five-year lease-to-own system will also solve infrastructure problems, according to Foster, as well as aid in efforts to go paperless.
“Our last upgrade was six years ago. Now everything from heating and lighting to food services utilizes the network. We definitely need more bandwidth.”
Total cost for the upgrade was not disclosed although the project is included in the 2011-12 budget.

Board applauds athletes, scholars and singers
Anderson County students know how to shoot bows and arrows. Archery teams from Anderson County High school, Anderson County Middle School and Anderson County Middle (Elementary Division) were recognized for sweeping the first place team honors for their respective divisions in regional competition. Anderson County students brought home 25 of the 50 individual straight shooting honors awarded.
The board recognized students representing all three Anderson County elementary schools for their successes in the state Governor’s Cup district and regional academic competitions.
The Anderson County High School Chorus’ praises were sung by the board for their showing in the All-State Chorus competition.
Anderson County Junior Miss Allie White was congratulated for her accomplishments and awards in the state completion.