Great grandparent taught writer how to read, count numbers

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By Haley Wilson

I think my great granny, Shirley Norris, should win AARP Kentucky Grandparent of the year because she has a nice and generous personality and she is pleasant to be around.
The first reason my great granny should win this is because when I was 2 or 3 years old my granny taught me my ABC’s, how to read, and how to count to one hundred. When I first started my ABC’s, she taught me how to go from A to Z and Z to A. Next, when I started reading, I started off reading Junie B. Jones and Little Dora and Boots books. Then, when I started counting, she told me to count to ten. When I did, I would say, “4, 6, 5, 1, 3, 2, 9, 7, 8, 10!” She would always laugh when I would do that. But I got better at it. From all of her teaching, she made me so smart, that I skipped preschool and I was ready to go to kindergarten.
The second reason is when I was little she would always buy me things. She would buy me clothes, toys, candy, and a baby pool. When she would buy me these things it made me feel special. The best think she bought was a baby pool. Whenever I would wake up from a nap I would say, “Can I go swimming with the fish?” The reason I would ask to go swim with the fish is because the design on it had fish and it looked like they were swimming with me. My granny’s answer was always, “Yes you can.”
My final reason my Granny Shirley should win is because while she was babysitting me we would always draw. We would draw pictures for each other and take pictures together on my little pink Dora camera. We would always make funny faces and smile. Every time the flash would go off we would close our eyes because it would burn if we kept them open. When we would color pictures we would make it an art contest. She would always scribble a little so I would win. Then she would draw a picture for me. She would color a picture of a little girl which was supposed to be me. The little girl was standing by a dog or a different animal and that would be one of my pets. I loved how when she would babysit me we would have so much fun. That’s why I love my great granny.
My great Granny Shirley is an awesome grandparent. Even if she isn’t voted, I’ll still love her and she will be the best grandparent I know!