Hahn enters 2014 race for county clerk

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Lifelong Democrat to challenge incumbent Republican Denny


That’s what Lee Hahn says he won’t sling in his attempt to become Anderson County’s next clerk.
A lifelong registered Democrat who has served the past 10 years on the Anderson County Board of Education, Hahn officially announced his candidacy last week for county clerk, an office he said he decided to seek about year and a half ago.
Hahn said the reason he wants to run has nothing to do with the way current clerk, Republican Jason Denny, is running the office.
“When I first decided to run the first person I told was Jason,” Hahn, 57, said in an interview last week. “We’re friends and I’ve known his dad [Joe] for years.
“I have nothing bad to say about the way he ran his office. You won’t hear me beating up on Jason throughout the campaign. He has a position that I want to have for myself.
“It’s about an opportunity.”
Following a 17-year career in sales that allowed him to travel across the country, Hahn is now in the cattle business, raising purebred Hereford cattle on his Anderson County farm.
“I’m in a position where I’m available for the job,” said Hahn, who graduated from Western High School and earned a marketing degree at Eastern Kentucky.
“What’s unique about the cattle business is that in a week’s time I can be out of it if I so desire.
“I’ve got the time, experience and personality to go along with that job, and nothing will keep me from being a fulltime clerk, if that should come up.”
Hahn doesn’t promise any changes to the office if he’s elected, including staff, but he would like to consider different office hours, if possible.
“I’d like to see extended hours on Friday and perhaps Saturday, but I’m not sure if that’s allowed,” Hahn said.
Hahn spent 17 years as a regional sales representative for Clairol before being downsized out of a job. He said that sales experience along with his time on the school board makes him a good candidate for county clerk.
“In sales, it’s different each and every day,” Hahn said. “You’ve got to be able to relate to people and do more listening than talking.
“You need to listen to the concerns people have and I’m comfortable with that. After serving on the school board for 10 years, I have an appreciation of people’s concerns and listen to what they have to say.”
Hahn said he has been asked to run for magistrate and judge-executive, but decided is better suited for county clerk.
“One reason is that it’s not as political as county judge, but that’s more of a political venue than I’m interested in,” he said. “I have thick skin, but I like sales and [clerk] would give me the opportunity to deal with people on a daily basis.
“There is a lot of responsibility, but as long as you can accommodate customers in a reasonable manner, it doesn’t matter which side of the fence you’re on as far as politics.”
Hahn describes himself as being extremely organized, a hard worker and one known for giving full effort at all times.
“My actions speak as well as my words,” he said, “and are a reflection of how hard I work. As a whole, people know that if I’m going to do something, it’s 100 percent.”