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This will be an unpopular subject but ,I really don't care.The month of October and Halloween in particular has a very important subject attached to it, Missing and exploited children. People are always discussing the economy and the war in Iraq, but I'm of the mind the most important subject,  EVER, is looking out for and defending those that can't help themselves, Children in particular. A tiny baby was taken right out of her crib in Kansas City Missouri this week, people think  "It will never happen here, or It will never happen to my family",  that is what those poor people in Kansas City thought also. People don't want to discuss the FACT ,that there are cults in this world and that Halloween isn't just some "Fun dress up day to them", they spend the month of October making preparations for Halloween. most people are out buying costumes, they are out kidnapping people, especially the most defenseless, Children.  There are people in this world that are very evil and deliberate and Halloween is a Holy Day to them! it is their Religion!!. I'm not saying that some cult took that helpless child, but it is a possibility. Irregardless, keep an extra eye on your children this month, don't think that it can't happen to you.