Health board launches septic tank survey

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The Anderson County Board of Health received plenty of public input about its now-defunct septic pumping ordinance.

Now it’s looking for more.

A subcommittee created to recommend what future ordinance, if any, should be considered to mandate septic tank pumping has developed an online survey, seeking public input.

The eight-question survey is available at the Anderson County Health Department’s website, www.achdonline.org, and is available through Dec. 30.

The survey asks questions ranging from if there should be some for of regular maintenance for septic systems to how frequently those systems should be pumped.

The issue came to a boil earlier this year when dozens of homeowners attended a board of health meeting, demanding that the ordinance be killed.

That ordinance, which went into effect several years ago, required those with homes three years old or newer to have their septic system inspected and pumped at least once every three years. It did not contain any requirements for older systems.

In another meeting in October, the health board voted to rescind the ordinance and to create the subcommittee, which includes Don Wells, Jeff Lee and Matt Byers. The subcommittee is scheduled to meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 13 at the Anderson County Health Department, located on Main Street. The meeting is open to the public.

Health Director Brandon Hurley said the subcommittee is supposed to make a recommendation to the health board in February, and that the results of the survey will be a part of that recommendation.

Asked how much weight the survey will carry in making any ultimate decision, Hurley said that’s up to each member of the subcommittee.

He said the survey is anonymous, and is open to everyone including those who don’t have a septic system.

“We believe everyone should have input into this situation even if they don’t use a septic system,” Hurley said. “They could see the effects of a system that does not receive routine maintenance.”

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