Help victim of Boston bombing

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To the editor:
Thank you for covering the story on Rebekah and Noah Gregory being injured in the Boston Marathon bombings.
Rebekah’s mother, Tina Catlett Gregory, is a graduate of Anderson County High School and her grandparents, Dave and Ruby Catlett are residents of Lawrenceburg.
Rebekah continues to recover and the doctors are working hard to help save her leg. Her mother, Tina, has remained by her bedside for nearly a month now.
I have kept up with her progress through Facebook and I have been amazed by their faith and strength they have shown though such adversity. Bad things do happen to good people, but God will use his people during the most difficult situations to display His glory the brightest. That is what I have seen from Rebekah and Tina.
As a community, let’s reach out to this family and show them how much we love them and support them during this trial in their life. We have set up a fund at Century Bank to help the family with the many expenses they have and will continue to incur as a result of this tragedy. Anyone may go to Century Bank and donate to the fund, which is listed under Sovereign Grace Fund to benefit Rebekah and Noah Gregory.
Every little bit helps and every penny will go to help this family. Thanks for your support!
Dana Royalty