Home school mom eager to hear why kids can’t play public school sports

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To the editor:
Thank you so much for writing your opinion [in last week’s paper] on why home-schooled children shouldn’t be allowed to play sports.
As a mother of three athletic boys that I school at home, I can tell you that this issue is discussed often at my house.
I too have very often wondered who is being hurt by allowing my children, who live in the district, to continue with home schooling and still be able to participate in public school sports.
We moved here from Atlanta in part because of the school system, so we’re not running away from anything by choosing to keep our children at home.
We have chosen to home school because we enjoy it. It’s that simple, we learn and grow together as a family and within the community that we are so active in.
So, we will have to decide whether we can continue on the path that we are on, and give up the idea of team sports when they are beyond the recreation age, or miss out on these activities and classes that we have come to love so that they can participate in team sports. It would be wonderful if we could get a true answer as to why we have to make such a choice.
I understand if the issue is financial, but like you stated in the article, there are many of us who would be willing to foot our share of the bill if that’s the problem.
Also, in your article you wrote, “the policy preventing home-schooled children from participating comes from the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, an outfit that rides herd over public school sports.”  While that is true at the high school level, for elementary and middle school sports the decision of whether or not to allow home-schooled kids to participate is made at the local level.  I know of at least three children who were turned away from an elementary-age cross-country team (I believe it was one team for all of Anderson County schools) last year because they are schooled at home.
There are definitely no rules at the state level regarding these youngest of athletes.
Thanks again for bringing this matter to the attention of Anderson County residents.
I’m eager to hear the comments.
Kelli Gowan