Humane Society money swiped

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Businesses asked to look out for bills marked with pet names

By Meaghan Downs

Talk of the Town restaurant co-owner Adam Shrout is upset that someone stole the first two dollars of profit his Broadway Avenue restaurant ever made.
But he’s more upset, actually “disgusted” he said, that the same people who broke into his restaurant last Thursday night also took money set aside for the Anderson Humane Society.
“It doesn’t hurt me, but at the same time it hurts the Humane Society from getting what they had,” Shrout said Monday afternoon. “It’s disgusting … if someone needed food or money, we could have helped someone out. I had an iPad laying out, but they didn’t touch that.”
For more than a year, the restaurant had been hosting a fundraiser known as the “dollar wall,” a place in the restaurant where patrons can choose to donate dollar bills to the Humane Society and display their donation, marked with their pet’s name, near the cash register.
Look out for dollar bills with pets’ names written on them in permanent marker, Shrout said. Some of the money stolen included a few $2 bills with employees’ names on them, and a few $5 bills with multiple pets’ names written on them.
If local businesses notice anyone trying to pay with those kinds of bills, contact the police, Shrout said.
Police Chief Chris Atkins said the Lawrenceburg police department is still investigating the break in, and that only cash was taken.
Police have a few suspects, Atkins said, but could not release names.
“I would like them to retrieve the money back, if it is trying to be cashed in,” he said.
Shrout said the amount of money stolen in last week’s break in was a little more than $100, donations that the restaurant had been collecting since January 2013.
Shrout said he reported the break in to police last Friday morning after an employee found broken glass at the restaurant, and that police are currently investigating the case.
Someone has already written a check to cover the cost of the missing donations for the Humane Society, Shrout said, and the restaurant will continue to hold the “dollar wall” fundraiser.
But instead of posting dollar bills, they’ll be printing off photos of dogs and cats for patrons to write their pets’ names on.
The dollar bills, Shrout said, will be locked up.