Hunting, fishing with family always a blessing

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By John Herndon

I’ve never been a big television watcher. 

I do enjoy sitting with my lovely wife Leigh when we have time and watching certain shows and have always enjoyed watching most sports on the tube including a good NASCAR race. I typically don’t watch much of anything live anymore since I can do all the recording, pausing and rewinding live TV with my satellite setup. I can also skip the annoying commercials. 

I even enjoy certain outdoor shows but find most of them too filled with “perfect situations,” “unrealistic hunts” and way too many commercials.

I have to admit there are a couple of shows that I do record and actually watch when I can. I have enjoyed watching “Top Shot” and “Swamp People” both on the same cable network.  I was saddened recently to read of the passing of one of the “swamp people.” Mitchell Guist passed away on the swamp at the age of 47. Way too young in my opinion since I’m the same age. One of the good things to come from this is that he left God’s handmade southern Louisiana swamps doing what he loved. Being on the swamp hunting, fishing and taking care of his people. Prayers go out to the family and especially his brother Glenn as he copes with day to day life out there without his sidekick. Mitchell sure did like his smoked gar fish.

Speaking of family and doing what you love, The Lilly boys and a friend headed to West Virginia the second week of May after the Kentucky turkey season closed. The West Virginia turkey and trout days went pretty well as far as the trout. Everybody managed a few with Hunter catching his first big rainbow and his first gold trout. Both were around 15 inches and caught from the same stream. He also managed to tag his first West Virginia jake turkey. Uncle Damon took a nice gobbler with a 10-Inch beard the first day we were there. We enjoyed the four days of outdoors and fellowship doing what we all love doing. 


Quick shots

*Congratulations to our local Anderson County archery teams on their successes again this year.

*Free fishing weekend in Kentucky is scheduled for June 2-3. Get out and take yourself and the kids fishing on Kentucky waters that weekend without worrying about a license. Do remember, however, that the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources main source of revenue is from the sale of hunting and fishing license so try and support them by purchasing the proper licenses.  Besides, who wants to only fish one weekend a year?

*Tickling and noodling season opens June 1for all the “hand fishermen” out there.  Of course most folks who make it a practice of shoving their upper arm and hand into the mouths of 20 plus pound fish will already know the date so this information is for those of you just taking it up. If there’s anybody out there that wants their fishing story told let me know and maybe we can schedule a little fishing trip.

*Bullfrog season opened May 18th for all us folks who love a mess of frog legs for supper.

*Kentucky’s spring squirrel season opened May 19 and closes June 15. Be prepared to harvest plenty of young tender varmints for the skillet this time of year. Be sure and get out of the woods and get your harvest processed as quickly as you can due to the heat. It won’t take long for game to spoil in the June Kentucky heat.

*Check your calendar and schedule August 16-18 if you or your children still need to complete a Hunter Education Course before the fall hunting seasons arrive. The classes are at the Anderson County Sportsman’s Club off Old Joe Road. Contact Bill Brown at 502-680-0175 or e-mail gmountjoy@win.net for more information. The course is free.

*As always, be sure and check all Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources rules and regulations before going afield.

Take and kid hunting and fishing soon!

See ya outside!


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