Input needed for sewers in Bob-O-Link

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To the editor:
This letter is meant to clarify and add to the article, “City sewer service for Bob-O-Link?” which appeared in the April 11 edition of The Anderson News.
The reason I went to the council meeting and asked for their assistance was as quoted, “to get the ball rolling.”  
I knew the city had extended the main trunk line to the entrance of our subdivision and installed a pump station.
For my 11 years in Bob-O-Link the topic of sewer hook-up has constantly been talked about but no one ever wholly followed up or presented each and every one of us with the facts in terms of cost, access and planning. None of us would make such a major decision without knowing all the facts.
My pledge to my neighbors is that we will get all the facts on paper and each resident will get the same information so that we can each discuss and make forthright educated decisions. Realistically, we are not all going to agree.  
But through honest and open communication we can properly explore all the realms of this topic.
I do not have a position at this time.
I have set up an email, andersonsewerforum@gmail.com, and by next week will have a website completed where information can be assessed by all and everyone’s opinion noted.
Please email me with your questions and concerns and we will get them addressed and answered.
We will post all the facts in a clear, concise and unaltered manner.  
I find the greatest opportunity for doing is the opportunity to do more with the aid of knowledge and effort.
John Collins